Apologetics isn’t just about having intellectual answers that nobody cares about. It is practical and relevant. Here are some personal stories from Christians on how apologetics has benefited them.

Jay Medenwaldt, founder & apologist at C4E and Apologetics Awareness.
I am a Christian because of apologetics. I didn’t grow up in the church and always thought that faith was just for people who were psychologically weak. When I started to investigate religion, I didn’t care about other people’s subjective experiences or whatever fantasies they believed to make themselves feel good. I just wanted to find out what was true. I was astounded at how much evidence there was for Christianity. In fact, there was so much evidence and the arguments were so powerful, that I thought I was being fooled by biased and dishonest fundamentalists who just wanted my money. Then, I read the arguments against Christianity and realized the objections were inconsistent, inaccurate, or relied on fallacious reasoning. Since becoming a Christian, apologetics has given me a rock solid foundation for my belief in God so that I do not doubt, nor do I fear objections from unbelievers. Because of apologetics, I actually look forward to opportunities for evangelism.