Apologetics Awareness Week

Apologetics Awareness Week provides an opportunity for churches, ministries, and individual Christians around the world to unite and focus on apologetics for the purpose of strengthening the Church and reaching unbelievers.

There’s plenty of ways to Get Involved no matter what your level of experience or knowledge is with apologetics. So mark you calendar and order an apologetics shirt to prepare for apologetics week. You can also check out these links for ideas on how you can promote apologetics, prepare to do apologetics, perform apologetics, and persist in doing apologetics.

2018 Plans
September 9 – 16. We have only recently finalized the dates for 2018. Please check back soon for some great materials and ideas on how you can participate. You can also follow us our Facebook page or the Apologetics Week event page.


2017 Schedule
Sun, Sep 10: What is apologetics and why do it?
Mon, Sep 11: What is true and how do we know?
Tue, Sep 12: Evidence for God in nature.
Wed, Sep 13: What is good and how do we know?
Thu, Sep 14: Is the Bible reliable?
Fri, Sep 15: Core beliefs Christians are called to defend.
Sat, Sep 16: Day to Serve. Get out and serve your community for the glory of God.
Sun, Sep 17: How to do apologetics.