Apologetics Week

Our mission is to promote apologetics year round, but not everyone is able and willing to do that, so we’ve created an Apologetics Awareness Week to give others an opportunity to get in on the fun and reach a wider audience. If you haven’t already done so, Apologetics Awareness Week is the event you’ve been waiting for to Get Involved and join the rest of the apologetics community to promote rational faith in the church and throughout the culture. No matter what your level of experience or knowledge is with apologetics, we’ve got something for you. We want to encourage all people to promote apologetics, prepare to do apologetics, perform apologetics, and persist in doing apologetics.

We’ve also created schedule of events and specific actions just for Apologetics Awareness Week. Each day of the week will have a specific topic to focus on. Read, watch, and listen to apologetics resources on those topics and then Like and Share them on every social media outlet available using the hashtag #ApologeticsWeek

Sun, Sep 10: What is apologetics and why do it?
Mon, Sep 11: What is true and how do we know?
Tue, Sep 12: Evidence for God in nature.
Wed, Sep 13: What is good and how do we know?
Thu, Sep 14: Is the Bible reliable?
Fri, Sep 15: Core beliefs Christians are called to defend.
Sat, Sep 16: Day to Serve. Get out and serve your community for the glory of God.
Sun, Sep 17: How to do apologetics.