In your area

Want to get connected to others in your area who have an interest in apologetics? There is likely a group in your area if you follow the links below, and if there isn’t, there are several ways you can start your own apologetics small group or local chapter.

Apologetics ministries that likely have a chapter in your area are Ratio ChristiReasonable Faith, Reasons to Believe, or Christian Apologetics Alliance (CAA)Apologetics 315 has a directory of local apologetics groups that include some additional resources as well. You can also do a search for apologetics or related terms on and Craigslist. If you are already leading an apologetics group, these last two are good places to advertise your group if you’re not already doing so.

In addition to these groups, other local apologetics organizations who you might want to connect with are New York Apologetics, South Dakota Apologetics, Oklahoma Apologetics Alliance, Apologetics Arizona, Phoenix Apologetics Discussion Group, San Diego County Apologetics Network, Traverse City ApologeticsNorthern Ireland Apologetics Network, or you can join one (or more) of our local (state) apologetics group pages on Facebook.

Other groups that are somewhat related to apologetics are G.K. Chesterton discussion groups, Alpha courses, Bible and Beer Consortium in Dallas, Brew Theology in the Denver area, and Doubters Club in Denver. Finally, Ratio Christi keeps an updated list of apologetics events that allows you to search by time and location.

If you know of any local groups not on this list, please let us know so we can update it.

Some of these groups are discussion or support groups, while others will be looking for people to lead such a group or for people to go out and engage in apologetics. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always start your own group through one of these ministries or independently. Let us know if you have any questions and we will do our best to help you. You can contact us at