Apologetics will strengthen your faith, but it should also be for the benefit others, to help strengthen their faith or bring them to the faith. After all, we are called to make disciples of all nations and to give an apologetic to all people. Here is how you can put apologetics into practice for the benefit of others, both believers and unbelievers. For those with more knowledge and experience with apologetics, you can and should still engage in apologetics Note: These levels do not necessarily correspond to levels listed under “Prepare.”

Level 1 Engagement:
Have apologetic discussion with family, friends, or co-workers. Just ask questions and get to know what they believe and why. Give an apologetic when asked about your beliefs.
Go to a bookstore, preferably the philosophy and/or spirituality section, and ask apologetic questions. Why do you believe that, what do you think about this…etc.

Level 2 Engagement:
Offer to give apologetics sermon at your church (preferably for free).
Teach a basic apologetics class at your church.
Lead an ongoing apologetics small group that works through various apologetics related resources.
Set-up an apologetics table/booth at a university, public space, trade show, or other venue to encourage people to ask questions about the truth of Christianity.
Start an apologetics blog or incorporate apologetics into your blog.

Level 3 Engagement:
Teach a more advanced apologetics class.
Lead, organize, and train a group to do apologetics evangelism at a university or other public place.
Start or join an apologetics ministry.