All people, no matter what their level of knowledge, training, and experience, can help promote apologetics in the church and in the culture so that believers and unbelievers will be more likely to be a part of the church.

Language and behaviors affect and inform each other. People are much more likely to incorporate apologetics into their lives and ministries if they have the word for it. Here are variety of ways to do just that and more to help promote apologetics in your sphere of influence.

Difficulty level 1: Easy
Relentlessly Like & Share apologetics quotes, articles, videos, podcasts, Bible verses, and other apologetics information online or in person
Like, Follow, and/or Share apologetics ministry pages
Wear an apologetics shirt (check out our shop)
Add apologetics to your social media profile pages or bio (e.g. apologist, apologetics lover, apologetics enthusiast, etc.)
Write an apologetics letter to someone (family, friend, pastor, public figures, etc.). Encourage them to learn apologetics, tell them how apologetics has helped you, or even give them an apologetic as an attempt to convert them.
Pastors: Mention apologetics in a sermons (see Pastors page for help).
Churches: Mention apologetics awareness week in bulletin

Difficulty level 2: Moderate
Set-up an apologetics table/booth at your church with apologetics information or resources.
Organize a minor apologetics event such as a university talk, a 5k race/fun run, apologetics talk at your church, or others. Let us know if you have other ideas that we can pass along to others.
Give an apologetics gift to someone such as a book, DVD, or t-shirt.
Ask your church to invite a guest speaker to preach on apologetics.
Blog about apologetics experiences…what you’re learning, what your thoughts are, how it’s helping you, etc.
Interview someone about their beliefs. Ask what they believe about God, ultimate reality, afterlife, morality, etc. and why they believe these things to be true.
Pastors: Incorporate apologetics into sermons (see Pastors page for help).
Churches: Encourage small groups to take a week (or more) for apologetics.

Difficulty level 3: Supreme Awesomeness
Start an apologetics group that meets regularly (through Reasonable Faith, Reasons to Believe, Ratio Christi, Christian Apologetics Alliance, Meetup, small group at church, Bible & Beer Consortium, etc.)
Organize a major apologetics event such as a weekend conference, a group panel discussion, a debate/dialogue between, or others. Consider organizing an event for another ministry or organization such as a Veritas Forum, Answers in Genesis Conference, or a Q conference.
Churches: Hire an apologetics pastor or pastor of apologetics